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Major Brownie Points

A place to share all the sweet things your significant other has ever done for you!  Submit now (Photos, Videos, Texts, or Text Messages)!!
Jul 27 '11

Sick with a side of flowers

Ive been sick for the past couple days and earlier today I called and asked him to pick me up some 7-up on his way home. Well when he got home he woke me up with not only 7-up but puffs w/lotion AND a bouquet of my favorite daisies! So sweet!

Jul 21 '11

Continental love

Boyfriend: spits into the ocean

me: that’s digusting!

boyfriend: The day I find that wad of spit is the day I stop loving you.

Jul 21 '11

Submitted by Hardworking Lucy:

i work 12 hour shifts and finish work at 7:30am. one day, after a grueling shift filled with miserable people, i came home and completely knocked out. i woke up later that day, still exhausted, to a pleasant surprise of freshly laundered clothes neatly pressed and folded, and an awesome meal of my favorite foods waiting for me outside my bedroom door. all the surprises were courtesy of my boyfriend. he’s the best. major brownie points? yes, i think so.

Jul 18 '11

Marriage Proposal on a Fake Movie Set (She had no idea)

I hired a film crew and two actors to set up beforehand on a hike trail that Jenny and I go to quite often. While we were hiking the fake producer stopped us and asked if we would stand in as extras… we agreed. The rest is history! 


Director: Steve Burritt (

Actors: Keyan Aliaskari and Cate Ganiere

Music: “You’re It” by Gabe Bondoc (